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Status: Closed

Please consider changing your payment processing system to allow account payment with debit Mastercard. I regularly pay several bills online with this method and so far Telus is the only company that will not accept debit Mastercard. After I enter all of the information into the "my account" section of your website and submit the transaction your payment processing system keep declining the payment even though there are more than enough funds available in my checking account. I ended up making payment through internet banking. If Shaw communications and many other companies can take debit credit cards then surely a big company like Telus should be able to...


Personally, I've found Canadian iterations of Debit/MasterCard or Visa's don't really work well with anything. Partly because the cards are still Interac cards and don't function as credit cards. 


I went to use my TD visa debit in London England and it kept saying it was an "invalid card type"

Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Dogger596 Thanks for the idea. This is definiately something that is on our radar, but we don't have news just yet. Once we know more, we'll be sure to share it here 🙂 

Just Moved In

Would definitely love this as an option as the only bank I'm using now is BMO. Please consider adding this!