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So I did a speed test on the lte+ and got 100mbps that's amazing speeds. Why are you continuously improving data speeds when most people only have 1 or 2 gigs If they can afford it just to burn it in minutes on this insane speed you offer. Are you in a binding contract with bell and Roger's to agree on never offering better data like the USA does? It's obvious if any of the big 3 in Canada offer better data like the USA they will dominate yet no one does so this is why I believe you are all in agreement behind the scenes. Why can't you offer a rollover for unused data? If I'm paying for it and some isn't used shouldn't I get a refund on what's not used? Can you not offer double the data to everyone as a loyalty for being with telus for x amount of years? Your customer service is better then the others but your quality of data pricing is insane.
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With regards to "throttling" your speed.  I discovered I could do this by disabling my phone to 3G (HSPA) in the settings.


For email... slower speeds is workable.  However for web browsing.... faster and faster speeds are desired.  Most customers don't want to wait those extra seconds for that webpage to load.


Why would I want to ttmhrottle my speed? You're client base is probably 80% of people who have 2 gigs or less. You need to start catering to these people. Like I said you keep increasing network speeds but never increase data limits. It's pointless to waste money on network speed upgrades when more then half the people have to run for wifi to do anything.  Don't give a bs answer about throttling to slow down your speed for the illusion of having more data. This is obviously an issue everyone complains about data yet always the blind eye is given. It doesn't cost anything for telus to expand data. Your network is already capable of handling high end usage in Ontario.  There is answer anyone will accept except the one that says more data for everyone at no extra cost. Do a double your data promo if you pay for 2 you get 4 stop being such a grind

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Im not with Telus mobility but I think this is a silly idea.  I use LTE on another network and I appreciate the high speeds.  If you have a problem with overrruning your data install a monitoring app that warns you when you are approaching your data limits, disable data usage on your phone or stop watching videos.  Facebook in particular is much worse than it appears, because it automatically starts videos posted in your feed.  Youtube obviously is a culprit, as well as some news sites that autoload videos.


I do agree that unused data should be bankable though.  If I pay for 4Gb and use 1Gb, those unused 3Gb should be banked for use later.

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@NIABOC Thanks for sharing your idea with us. Please refer to the original idea for rollover data, here


you're not with telus mobility yet you like the lte on other networks? why the hell are you even posting on a telus mobility  forum if you do not use telus mobilty? just to make a scene? and there is a monitoring system already in place to tell us when we are at 80 90 100% data usage. yet back to my point which obviously comprehending isn't your strong suit is that if you have a 1 gig or 2 gigs data plan which is basically standard you can blast through that easily and once again I do not understand why telus keeps upgrading network speeds and keeps buying spectrums when almost everyone cannot enjoy it to the fullest without going over or budgeting their data. t-mobile spirit have unlimited data plans for very low money. family 5 phone data unlimited plans cheap the commercials are on all the time and make telus bell and Roger's look like complete money sucking pigs. but it doesn't matter what everyone says because they know we have to pick one of these companies or go with now called freedom with new lte and be disappointed.