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Status: Closed

I have a "friendly" idea that can be implemented not in the "future" but now, immediately.


Unused data should carry over to the next month or get refunded to your account. I, we pay full dollar for a product and for some unfriendly reason it expires like mayonnaise left in the sun at the end of my, our billing period. 


The Future is Friendly works because currently it is not friendly. But just wait. Wait until the future!!! The future will be friendly. The future won't be friendli-er because right now it is not particularly friendly. 


I josh. Most of my dealings with you, Telus, are incredibly positive, with well trained and knowledgeable staff. I just get a bee in my bonnet about paying extra for something that unnecessarily does not carry over. It could and it should. 


Thank you,


Brent Davidson, customer of more than 15 years. 


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Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

 Hi @Brento


Just checking back in with you to let you know that I've passed your suggestion on. It's certainly a subject that comes up and I've added your feedback to that discussion.