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Status: Closed

I would like to nominate the Sea Turtle as a Critter. These are endangered and thought by making turtles a critter, it could be offered for sale and then a portion of the monies could be donated to any Turtle rescue organizations.

From a commercial stand point, Mother Sea Turtles shown with their babies after hatching - caption could be something to do with long distance and having a large family living apart.

This could be done for any endangered species made into a critter for sale.




I like the idea of using sea turtles. The only problem is that the mother is long gone and thousands of kilometers away when the babies hatch so they would never actually meet. Marketing would need to come up with some other angle for the commercials. Maybe work in the Bring it Back promotion since turtles always return to the same beach to lay their eggs.

Status changed to: Closed
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Neighbourhood Alum