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Status: In progress

The idea I am submitting is in regards to the ability to see how many long distance minutes you have used on your Home Phone. I currently have a plan that allows me to have 300 Long Distance minutes across Canada/USA and it would be great for me to login to my online account and check how many minutes I've used in the month to avoid going over my allotted time. 

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Community Power User

Your first 300 minutes cost 3.6 cents each, if you use all 300. Additional minutes cost 5 cents each, so you are only saving when you use between 221 and 300 minutes. If you find yourself regularly going over your allotment, possibly one of the secondary providers might be useful, or use 10-10-100 service for even more savings. If you find yourself under 220 as frequently and as much as you are over, then having no long distance plan might be the same price.


Status changed to: In progress

Hi @LBangamba 


Thank you for this great Idea. We're currently looking into it and will let you know as soon as we hear more information.


Have a great day!