Channel name confusion?


I'm just wondering if this can be solved.... some channels that I'm watching are a bit confusing like for instance these channels.... cab they be renamed?


100- CBUTDT can't it be renamed to CBCHD?

101-CIVTDT can't it be renamed to CTVBCHD?

102- CIVIDT2 can't it be renamed to CTVTWOHD?

104- CHANDT can't it be renamed to GLOBBCHD?


there is more but I just wanted to give a few examples. Probably is a weird thing to be asking but I'm just curious if renaming them was possible.

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I believe you will find all the broadcast stations listed by their legal call letters. Those that are cable delivery only (e.g. Knowledge Network) will be listed by a more conventional name. The current naming convention also addresses which location and type of broadcast presented - I know CHEK - DT is the Victoria Broadcaster's Digital transmission, and that KOMO is the ABC affiliate in Seattle (not Detroit).



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@Watino Each station is assigned "call letters" or "call signs", within Canadian broadcasting standards. While we are unable to change these, we do provide the station icon and full name in the guide to assist with identifying the networks. 

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