Channel guide improvements

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Would be nice to see right on the channel guide an indicator (similar to the HD indicator) for shows that are "new" eg a movie or show premiere or series first run of the individual episodes on a particular channel.  That way we would quickly see whether its a rerun or a new episode.  IMG_20170909_140847_edit-01.jpeg


Also would be great to have colour coding right on the guide for main types of shows eg one colour to indicate a movie, another to indicate a sporting event or game, and another to highlight childrens shows.  


Have seen these features w other providers and makes it much easier to scan the guide .

Status: Under Review
Community Manager
Community Manager

 Thanks for the suggestions, @Punky. We really like guide feedback and I've passed it on to the Optik team.

Status changed to: Under Review

This would be really helpful! 

Just Moved In

I just switched over from Shaw and that feature is one I DEFINITELY miss.