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We recently found out that there were changes to the channels within our TV bundles and we found this out by chance because the channels were no longer available on our guide and they disappeared.  After talking with Telus support, they explained that the bundle we had was now separated and the channels we lost are in a separate bundle.

We were disappointed to find this out as we were recording shows on those channels for our young child.  It would have been nice to have been pre-notified so that we could sit down as a family and plan out how to keep our channels and still stay within our means.  We decided to adjust our channels so that we could accommodate this change, but we are still disappointed none the less.

Here is my idea.  When Telus makes updates/changes to TV Bundles or channels, a simple letter to your customers saying something like "Telus is making some new and exciting changes to our TV Bundles next month.  To see more information on these changes, please visit our website or contact Telus support." 

Something as simple as that would have allowed us to review what we have and make changes or prepare for the changes that were about to take place. 

Sending something as simple as a pre-notification would make for more happy and loyal customers.

I hope you take this idea into consideration

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