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Just Moved In
Status: Under Review

Effective today other providers (i.e. Bell) are now providing a 'french-only' Centre Ice hockey package for french hockey fans on the west coast.  This package is at a reduced cost of $60. 


Why should Telus customers have to pay for the entire package at $200, if they just want French games?

Friendly Neighbour

I hear you man! I was just speaking to a customer rep from telus asking about this. I was told that its not offered and she hasn't heard of any provoiders offering this!


I have Telus satellite tv which is just Bell rebranded. I don't understand why I can't subscried to it, or why nobody even knows what I'm talking about!

Just Moved In

I have had the same issues.  I'm in Calgary....and I just want Habs games in french, which are now blacked out on RDS because of my location.  Telus says it's not their problem however it's a Telus black-out message, and I can see the game happening in the preview guide window!   When I contact NHL, they say to contact my provider.  I'm just getting the run-around from both sides.


I don't want to subscribe to Centre Ice and then find out the Montreal games are STILL BLACKED OUT.  Because there is no refund allowed. 



Just Moved In

I will also like to be able to watch a Montreal Canadien game in French.

But thanks to Rogers, it is not possible. They claim there is going to have a French Pack in the future, but it is not yet available, so I am not surprise Telus does not have it, but whenever Rogers deliver the NHL French pack, then I am hoping to be able to watch it on my TV. My computer screen is too small to watch a hockey game.


Status changed to: Under Review