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Status: Closed

It would be greatly appreciated to get cell phone service in the Slocan valley.


Despite the recent challenges by those opposed to cell phone service due to health and safety concerns, There are many people in the Slocan valley that want cell phone service. Not only for the convenience and work, but for health and safety. Having 911 service and cell service along the valley is needed to be able respond timely to accidents, road hazards, disasters, forest fires, power issues, etc.


Many people that work or live in the area must rely on wire line phone and voice messaging to do business or stay in contact.  This can restrict people that work on call to stay near the phone or computer. It also means a lot of phone tag. Not having text messaging via cell numbers also is an extra hassle.


We rely on high speed Internet provided by Columbia wireless. having mobile internet would be helpful to backup Columbia wireless internet, which can be intermittent at times, and a problem for those that cannot access it.


There is a new fiber line being installed up to Nakusp, and it would be great if cell service soon followed, or was planned in conjunction with it.


Thank you


Please like this page to help make this a priority.





Just Moved In

Yes agreed we NEED cell service in passmore!!!

Community Power User
Community Power User

You should also write your MLA. The BC government subsidized a number of cell sites in rural areas where population numbers did not justify the installation of a tower. If enough folks from the Slocan Valley add their voices, possibly some funding will be forthcoming.

Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@yzp Thanks for your idea submission. Looking at our coverage map It appears we do have coverage in the SlocanValley area. If there are still areas with insufficient coverage, please reach out to our network technical support at 1-866-558-2273 or *611 on your device, they will be able to log a network ticket for coverage considerations. Thanks!