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Hello there Telus!


It is amazing how quickly technology evolves to offer consumers a vast variety of electronics. However, as your customers upgrade their cell phones more resources must be extracted to meet the excessive demand for consumer goods. By merging your current trade-in policy with environmental messaging, Telus can increase accountability with consumers, reduce environmental waste and enhance the trade-in margins.

Telus is doing a fantastic job mitigating this conflict by having the trade-in program. I appreciate that you use charismatic animals for your marketing campaigns, and I wish to propose an idea that will increase the efficacy of your buyback program and help the environment.


  • Future is Friendly: Have a marketing campaign featuring a gorilla playing with a new phone. By encouraging your clients to trade in their old cellphones, the coltan chips can be recycled. This helps save gorilla habitat! 
  • Go green and get green back: Encourage your customers to trade in their phones to get cash back to be used at the store. Recycling cell phones is a sustainable method of upgrading technology. 
  • You'll Go Bananas! Perhaps Telus could donate a nominal fee towards habitat conservation and highlight that customers supporting Telus are supporting the wildlife featured in the advertisements.


I was unaware of your trade in program until I visited your site to purchase the new Galaxy 5. Perhaps you could tie-in the trade back/recycling messaging in your next campaign for new phones. I think that this would be very successful as a social media campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your time, I hope that you can help make cell phones a more sustainable industry!


Shalane D. BSc, MSc Candidate 


I love the idea of using a gorilla as one of thei critters!


Are you able to clarify your idea a bit more?


They already offer a trade-in program that gives customers cash they can use towards a new phone. They are also huge supporters of the WWF - more info here: and 


Is your idea to support gorillas and use them as a critter?

Status changed to: Requires Clarification
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum
Just Moved In

Hello there Dark_Knight, 


According to research, the current recycling program is not effective. A consumer survey pertaining to the recycling of cell phones revealed the reasons why people are reluctant to recycle:

    • 30% were unsure of where to recycle phones
    • 29% were concerned over personal information safety
    • 21% kept the older devices as a contingency
    • 20% lacked the time or incentive to recycle (Solid Waste Report, 2013)
  • If Telus was to recycle the cell phones, it could alleviate the concerns of information protection, add incentive to recycle and provide a simple, easy place to bring their device. 
  • In addition, if Telus combines the recycling campaign with mentioning their WWF support, it would strengthen their public image and foster community awareness of habitat loss. 
  • This is a win-win-win situation for Telus, the customer and the environment! Please help spread the word about gorilla habitat loss!





Solid Waste Report. 2013. Poll reveals people reluctant to recycle cell phones; electronic products. Solid Waste Report, 2013, Business Insights: Essentials, 

Status changed to: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager