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Land line option of call control:

Can Telus  update the feature so that it automatically allows calls through and the customer chooses who to block? Considering the majority of the calls are from family and friends, it would sure alleviate a lot of time of having to keep going into one's account to 'Accept' certain numbers.  Very annoying. 


Also, with the way it is set up now, call control automatically rejects all calls unless the person dials '#8', unfortunately when you are on a call list for work.. they do not take that extra time ... so as soon as the dispatcher gets the automated voice saying dial eight...they hang up and go to the next person on the call list!!


Lost several jobs that way!! And because there are rotating dispatchers... I was unable to go in to my account to 'accept' each number.  It would be a lot more user friendly and less time consuming for the customer to decide if they want to allow the call through, rather than constantly updating their account!  

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That would defeat the purpose of having Call Control. Call Control is designed to catch unknown numbers. Most phishing and robocalls spoof the calling numbers to some random or fake number. How can create a block list if you don't know the numbers you want to block and they keep changing?


In your case it would be better to turn off Call Control completely.

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@Day1 Thanks for submitting your idea. It sounds like what might be better suited for you is our Call Screen feature. Call Screen allows you to program up to 12 phone numbers, and reject them when they call. While numbers not on the list will be allowed through. 


As we already have a calling feature that matches what you want, this idea will be closed. We look forward to other great ideas from you in the future 🙂 

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How do I turn this silly call control off of my cell... No specific instructions and I can not get thru to Telus for assistance. I need step by step instructions lol....old I guess


@JenCurrie this area of the site is for submitting and commenting on ideas/suggestions. If you need help on the Call Control feature it would be better to post in the Mobility Services section where you are more likely to get help.


Having said that, you can turn off Call Control by logging on to your My TELUS account and going to your mobile plan. This is where you would have gone in order to turn on Call Control in the first place. Call Control is off by default.