CHBC Okanagan in High Def!

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I recently moved from Shaw over to Telus and love it.  Best tech move we've made in a while.  However, I noticed that CHBC Okanagan (Global Kelowna) is carried in Standard Definition.  On Shaw, this local station was part of the basic HD package.  I get all my local news, etc., from CHBC and it is difficult to watch with 25% (ish) of the picture chopped off.  Can Telus look at upgrading Its CHBC channel to HD for us Okanagan viewers?  I'm confused as to why it's in HD on Shaw but remains in SD on Telus.

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Hi Flashy,


First off - glad to hear that you like Optik TV!


Regarding the CHBC - we don't have any specific information on why it is only available in SD. But I would recommend to submit a request for it to be in HD here:


We can then review the idea, and possibly add it as a HD channel


If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Remarkable Ryan at TELUS

Just Moved In

Thanks, RR.  I thought I'd done just that by posting here.  If not, I'll engage again!



I can't tell you how many neighbours and friends won't switch from SHAW to TELUS because of this missing HD channel. Love our OPTIK TV, however I would really appreciate seeing this Kelowna channel added to the HD line up!