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Status: Closed

So I posted this 'idea' late November, as suggested by a Telus rep -- the rep said that they look at the Ideas and respond to them.  It was never responded to by Telus in a meaningful way -- Some person named Dru closed the idea without any response.  So I am reposting the idea in the hope that the first rep was correct and that Telus actually cares about the suggestions we make:


I am hoping that Telus will be offering "build your own bundles" to go with the full pick and pay.  I see that Videotron has introduced this with 10 channels for $10, 15 channels for $15, and 20 channels for $18. (Channels are picked by the subscriber.)

Status changed to: New Idea
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum
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I don't see a response either except some "community manager" identifying this as new.  This response is underwhelming to say the least.  If Telus wants to hear from their customers, and then doesn't listen I think we should punish them in the most honest and punishing fashion by giving our business to an organization that does (I.e does listen and does respond).

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Would love to see Telus doing their packages similar to Videotron


Yes!  Because I want a couple of the higher channels I'm stuck with horribly expensive packages full of channels I don't want!  This would be wonderful!

Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @jaxon60.


Just circling back on this - Sorry that it wasn't clear why your idea was closed. We collect every suggestion for consideration and if it's not immediately used, the feedback is recorded and we keep track of it for future use.


Thanks a lot for the feedback.