Bring back the optik smart remote app

This new telus Optik app is terrible. The old smart remote app was wonderful and I can easily see my TV guide and record and control my telus box. I don’t understand why Telus is replacing that with this stupid new app that only allows you to record a show but not function as a remote for your box. TELUS BRING BACK THE SMART REMOTE APP OR I WILL DROP TELUS SERVICES. THE SMART REMOTE APP IS THE BEST.
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I really miss the smart remote app. my kids constantly misplaced the remote and it's frustrating that I don't have a backup way to turn channels. Especially because the new 4k boxes don't have a button for doing it manually. The other frustrating thing is that peel remote seems to be the only other app that works and is got a decent rating but it forces things on my lock screen and messages on my phone that I don't need or want; it's almost freaking malware.

not to mention taking away the Telus remote app also took away any kind of fun I could have with my husband by changing channels when I'm in a different room... Lol.

joking aside it was also useful in changing a channel back when the baby changes the channel on the older sibling and makes him cry and you need to fix from another room, or when your child gets up at the crack of dawn and refuses to go to bed and you need your sleep you can remotely turn on the TV from your bed without leaving.

Seriously the old app was very parent-friendly, it made life so much easier please bring back these features on the new app.

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Telus You Suck


The only reason I took you tv service was to manage multiple boxes via the app ... you suck