Bring back the optik smart remote app

This new telus Optik app is terrible. The old smart remote app was wonderful and I can easily see my TV guide and record and control my telus box. I don’t understand why Telus is replacing that with this stupid new app that only allows you to record a show but not function as a remote for your box. TELUS BRING BACK THE SMART REMOTE APP OR I WILL DROP TELUS SERVICES. THE SMART REMOTE APP IS THE BEST.
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@PGN - Please read the previous comment in this discussion.

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I really miss the smart remote app. my kids constantly misplaced the remote and it's frustrating that I don't have a backup way to turn channels. Especially because the new 4k boxes don't have a button for doing it manually. The other frustrating thing is that peel remote seems to be the only other app that works and is got a decent rating but it forces things on my lock screen and messages on my phone that I don't need or want; it's almost freaking malware.

not to mention taking away the Telus remote app also took away any kind of fun I could have with my husband by changing channels when I'm in a different room... Lol.

joking aside it was also useful in changing a channel back when the baby changes the channel on the older sibling and makes him cry and you need to fix from another room, or when your child gets up at the crack of dawn and refuses to go to bed and you need your sleep you can remotely turn on the TV from your bed without leaving.

Seriously the old app was very parent-friendly, it made life so much easier please bring back these features on the new app.

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Telus You Suck


The only reason I took you tv service was to manage multiple boxes via the app ... you suck

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When are you bringing back the TV remote even your help staff dont know it doesnt work like it used to



OK Nighthawk, in the absence of any comments or explanations from Telus here are some suggestions for the New App.

1) Fix the View Guide so it is usable with phones or tablets.  It needs scaling.  Can't be too tough.

2) There is also a bug with scrolling the Guide rapidly. It jumps back to the l;owest channels. Can't be too tough.  

3) Make the app capable of switching channels on our PVRs.  The app is already accessing our PVRs to control recordings so switching the channel must be possible.  Can't be too tough.


4) ANSWER US Telus!!!  What are you doing about this issue you promised to look into half a year ago???

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Very disappointed that the new app is missing smart remote which is an important feature which I used all the time.  May have to shop around because my a lot of my TV watching kind of relied on this feature.  SUCKS!


@Moosetatoo - The smart remote app was shut down over 3 months ago. Just curious why you've only noticed now if your TV experience relied so much on this feature? Telus was the only provider in this end of the country that had that feature so going somewhere else won't be any different now.


@mbp - I am pretty sure Moosetatoo has only recently discovered this forum and has just not rolled over concerning the treatment Telus has given us over the Smart Remote issue.  Does it somehow bother you that so many users are still angry and vocal?  Does Telus have anyone checking these forums?  What is the status of the "review" this issue in under.


It's just entertaining / sad to see such a small number of people still clinging to a dead app.


That's kind of an interesting and a slightly rude comment @mbp


It looks to be as if the folks posting to this "Ideas" forum are asking for a replacement for the service which was withdrawn by Telus with no reduction in fees.


I doubt I will ever feel like "Oh well, I guessed they screwed us and they won't answer so let's just move on"


Why does it bother you that people will not go away regarding this issue?

This forum is the closest thing I could find to a Customer Complaint line...

If the supplier does nothing about the complaint why would the complaints stop coming in?

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Very disappointed Smart Remote app is no longer available for changing channels. I chose Telus due to this technology. Now I can no longer change my TV channels unless I  go into a different room where box is. Very inconvenient!

Telus should have another solution for customers if they don’t bring it back (ie: infrared extender). Or, I will be cancelling my services. 


Please, please, please! Bring it back!