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A recent firmware update to my TELUS digital box replaced standy mode with a green screen saver, even when the box is "off". So instead of a black screen I get a green "Press OK to watch TV" screen saver. This is OK for the TV on the main PVR box because it is synced to the remote -- the TV switches off when I turn off the PVR. (It still bugs me to know the PVR is sending out an energy-wasting signal through the HDMI cable, though.)


But my other TV, connected to the secondary box, is actually a high quality computer monitor and it does not have a remote. The only way to shut it off when I turn off the secondary digital box is to find the tiny touch control along the bottom edge of the screen and turn it off manually.


The behavior before this firmware update was that the monitor would say "No Signal" for a few seconds and then turn off automatically. I would like to have this behavior restored, by eliminating the screen saver from the TELUS box.


Ideally it would be great if you could add a control in Settings where I could choose between "screen saver" or "standby/sleep" when I turn off the box. It would keep everyone happy, though I can't imagine anyone welcoming that green "Press OK" screen saver.



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I'd also like the box to not output any video signal when turned off, for energy saving and to allow my display to turn off automatically.  At least give us an option to turn off this screensaver "feature".


I'm getting quite tired of having the screen go green while watching a day of baseball playoffs or World Cup soccer qualifying matches.  If you don't change channels or anything for 4 hours I think it is the **bleep** screen saver comes on ... so annoying - I even missed a goal because of it.  It is the ultimate in stupidity to think that no one ever watches the same channel more than 4 hours so hey let's set that as a good duration before we turn on our annoying "feature".  I'm told I can phone in and have the time extended.  Yah right it will probably turn on before someone answers the phone.  Just turn off the feature please.