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I would like the daily usage list put back onto our statements. This is helpful when downloading movies from sites so we have an  idea how many we can watch in one month. Also it tells us what causes more usage on particular days. Getting a monthly reading is not very helpful.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It already shows what you use, if you can't figure out what it states from one day to the next don't know what to tell you...

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I totally agree with Telusyourproblem. We should at least have the daily usage available online: it doesn't show there either. I just got a notice that my usage is at 95% of my 150GB limit. Luckily, this is the second to last day of my billing period. But my average usage is 100GB. Now, how am I going to determine what the cause of the increase is? Could be due to:

a. a general increase in daily use, or

b. a single day spike that I can trace the cause to.

I have no way to determine which it is.

Since Telus used to have this functionality and took it out, I can only assume they don't want people to have the tools to really manage their data usage and just want them to exceed and make money on the overage charges.

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