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As of September 23 2015, Telus Optik TV removed the multi view TV app for some reason. Not sure why the multi view TV app was removed, but my 'idea' is to have it, or an improved version of it, brought back ASAP.

When I contacted Telus support to find out why it was removed, the only explanation given was that occasionally 'old' apps are removed to make room for new apps. No reason was given for why multi view was chosen to be the 'lucky' app to be removed. Also, I haven't seen any new apps/functions/features added since multi view was removed.

I realize multi view wasn't perfect. In another neighbourhood 'idea' post, JensenCD made a great suggestion with regards to how multi view could have been improved. In addition to design improvements, there was also an occasional 'glitch' with multi view. Once in a while, some of the preview boxes would go black. This was easily resolved though, by simply scrolling past the bottom preview box, then back up. At that point, all boxes again had pictures displayed in them.

Despite any 'downfalls' multi view had, it was a very handy app. One of the main reasons I switched from Shaw TV to Telus Optik TV, was because Optik TV had this app. I am an avid NFL fan (and NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber) and multi view always got a 'workout' every Sunday of the NFL season. I was able to keep tabs on several NFL games at one time thanks to the multi view TV app.

The multi view app was also handy when major news events happened. When the unfortunate shootings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa took place a year ago, multi view was a great way to keep up with coverage from several news channels at one time. Via the side preview boxes, you could easily see when one of the news channels not on the 'main screen', had breaking news. You could then quickly flip over to that channel to get the latest updates.

Also, thanks to Telus adding 10 additional channels for the last Winter Olympic games, using multi view, you could keep up with all events that were taking place at the same time.

The loss of multi view is very disappointing. It may not be an app that would be used on a regular basis, but it was an app that was a very handy app to have when multiple sporting/news events happened at the same time. This type of functionality is not available with other TV providers such as Shaw, and was something that gave Telus a 'leg up' on its competitors. It doesn't make sense to me to remove a feature that was a selling point for Optik TV, and helped differentiate Telus from other TV providers.

As mentioned above, my 'idea' is for Telus Optik TV to bring back the multi view TV app ASAP.


Just Moved In


Can not agree more.

Telus, please bring back multi-view for optic, hockey session has started.


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I didn't use multi view because it was hard to see what was happening in the small screen, and so much screen was wasted. It would be absolutely great if they just offered picture in picture instead and even allowed you to choose the size of the secondary screen and placement. Keeping the resolution as well. Multiview was extremely disappointing to me.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @TerryMat!


After consulting our product dev team, it was decided we will not be bringing it back in it's current form due to very low usage.


Good news is we have something else in the works. Stay tuned!

Friendly Neighbour

Low usage for what could be a great feature generally means a poorly executed app, hard to use app, or app that isn't promoted.


Here is why, IMHO, I actually was rover as opposed to fixed:


Increase home WiFi data usage. The app was discontinued approximately 6 months after data capsstarted to be enforced. Coincidence? 

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I used multi-view very often - 2 different news channels every evening, and 2 different sports, etc - and switch the sound to whichever was interesting. I loved it on Bell. Disappointed it was taken off of Telus. Bell had it with different sizes of screens, equal sizes, one smaller, etc.


What else is coming - how about a hint!!



I'm another vote for bringing it back..especially during hockey season !  If not possible, how about picture within a least we'd have some choices !  Why remove something before the "something better" is available ??

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OK dru, 

In March you said something else in the works.... More music channels.... It's f'ng TV


Now it August and Rio 2016 starts today.


How nice it would have been to have multi-view now, when the coverage is spread over many channels, but I can only see 1....


Still a very PISSED OFF customer.


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Agreed... I'll admit that I didn't use the app because it wasn't very visually friendly, but it sure would be nice during the olympics!

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Rio Olympics are on andwhen I went to acces the multi screen function it was no longer there.    Am very disappointed.   It was the only telus app I have used.   You say say you are bringing it back but I would have thought it would have been in time for the Olympics

Just Moved In

Multi-view's been gone for almost a year now.  Bring the new similar app as soon as possible.  Please!


It's almost 2017....and we're still waiting for the "something else in the works" to replace our missing multi-view.  How long does it take to implement a new idea ???  At least tell us that you're still working on it for the NEAR future !!  Hockey viewers  could sure benefit from it !!


As a new Optik TV customer I was going through the Help videos ... and found a MultiView Help video which I eagerly watched and then could not find the App at all ... now I know why and I'll add my voice to the chorus asking for such functionality.  You have until the next Soccer World Cup in 2018 when I'll be wanting to watch at least two games at once in the final round robin phase.

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Need Multiview or pip for my home security cameras ,The sooner the better as cant monitor doors .Thanks

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Another example of Telus placing profits above relationships and/or products. Monopoly is over Telus. Quit living in the past Telus. Fix your product Telus; if not that then at least come out with some decent PiP software.


Reddit group started. This little forum doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves.

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Community Power User

Multi-view was severely under utilized so the demand just isn't there. It was likely more cost effective to remove it than keep it for the very small number of individuals that were actually using it.