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Status: Closed

I saw a tweet on the @telus account back in July to come here and post if I had a suggestion on 'how you can do better'.

You have a quite a few data management features available in my account, however, there is one that would be very client focused yet it is not available: 'Block when data limit reached'.

I am rather disappointed that you've chosen to see me owe you $50 before you start blocking data. Clearly you have the technological capabilities to do this if (a) you can detect when I am at 100% and will warn me with a notification; and (b) can block my data (at $50), so please combine the two features and add 'Block when data limit reached/100%'.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Love to see this when roaming.

Status changed to: New Idea
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum
Just Moved In

I agree. There are clients out there who benefit from this feature but there are also clients who do not.

I've paid for x amount of GB and if I go over then well, I either live without data (oh the horror) until the next cycle or I opt to pay for extra data. If I wanted, needed more data I'd either buy more data to begin with or opt for your options. But I've decided on a certain amount that fits my budget and needs.

As mentioned previously, system can detect when i've reach my limit and them some and has the ability to block, so how about that 'block when reached limit' option?


Status changed to: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager