Blackberry Keyone for Telus Personal Customers

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I think you Telus should seriously consider making the Keyone available to personal customers as well as business customers. It seems from twitter that there is an interest in having this happen and that a lot of people are disappointed that it isn't planned. I have been with Telus as my mobile provider for around eight years now with no complaints, but I will definitely be switching providers to one where the Keyone will be available to me if it ends up being unavailable through Telus. I would rather stay with Telus, so please give some thought to making this device available to personal customers.

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Me too. I've been with Telus forever and I don't want to switch providers, but might over this. Making it only available to Telus Business leaves out a whole bunch of small businesses. What about freelancers and work-from-home types? I'm a sole proprietor/freelancer so don't have a Telus Business account, but my phone is my business lifeline.  I need the productivity and security that Blackberry provides, but I also want the apps that are only on Android. This is a huge fail on Telus' part in my opinion. Many consumers are doing business but are not companies in that sense. Telus has let me down on this one.

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  I know businesses with as few as two cell phones on a business account. I also know LOTS of businesses with one point of contact, especially for wireline based telecommunications. Possibly you should see if a business account is available to you?