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I've been a long time Telus customer and my plan has changed over the years based on my usage / phone. I've had just about every iteration of the iPhone and it seems that every time I upgrade the phone, I have to 'upgrade' my plan as well just to keep using the iPhone specifically. Your base plan fee is outrageously overpriced compared to other carriers. I don't really need 'unlimited everything' (excluding data). Give me my choice back to get a lower base plan so I can max out my data - which is what I primarily use my phone for.

It would also be great if you offered smaller data tiers. Currently I have a share plan with 10GB and usually go over to 11GB or 12GB each month. The only option you give me is to add another 5GB which is expensive, and I don't need that much. Why can't I add an additional 1GB to my existing 10GB plan?


"Your base plan fee is outrageously overpriced compared to other carriers"

Last time I checked all the major carriers are about the same. Can you quote an example?

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