Batch statement downloads


I'd like to be able to batch download my electronic statements (both home and mobility). I don't download them regularly so I find it a pain to select each statement individually for downloading when I need to catch up. It would be convenient to have checkboxes for selecting the statements and then click on a download button to get a ZIP file with the selected statements.

Status: Closed

Hi @xray ,


Thank you for sharing your idea with us. We discussed this with our internal project team and it's not the first time someone suggested this to us. We explored updating the statement section with bulk download capabilities and discovered that it's not a simple programing/coding actually requires a lot of work.


This is a great idea but we will not be moving forward with it. Now this does not mean we will not implement ideas with complex programing/coding requests in the future. By all means please share any ideas you think would benefit other clients. It's just in this case there are very few people who would use this functionality. My hope is that you continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us...the more we get the better we will become.




Status changed to: Closed

Thanks for the update @ShadiS. I appreciate that my idea was actually discussed with the developers. Please note that I currently enjoy this ability to merge PDF statements in a download from my online brokerage.  They do it as a PDF merge on the individual PDF statements.


@xray thanks for sharing that last piece of information...I will let our team know. If we do decide to enable this functionality you'll be the first to know 😉