Automatic closed captions when audio muted


If I need to mute the audio when watching TV, I have to manually turn on the closed captions to be able to continue following along with the show (I can't read lips yet). It would be an awesome addition to the set top boxes for the closed captions to come on automatically when the audio is muted.

Status: In progress
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @Caboose 


We think your idea is fantastic and are going to check in with our Optik TV team to see if it's possible. I'll let you know once I hear back from them.  - Amber



Status changed to: Requires Evaluation
Status changed to: In progress

Hi @Caboose  


Great news! We liked your Idea so much we've put it on the product development road map. We don't know exactly when the feature will be rolled out, but will definitely keep you posted.  - Amber 


Awesome, thank you Amber. I'm excited for this and hope it does get implemented! 


How is this going to work when the volume controls are programmed for the TV for most people? The Optik box won't know mute is pressed.

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Auto closed caption, when pressing mute, worked with Eastlink. I gave up waiting on the phone for Optik tech support.

I thought Telus  would be better by now.