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Status: Under Review

Since Telus is a Canadian leader in dealing with e-waste I just thought that to further that process Telus could set up an auction site or link to deal with any discontinued or dated smartphones or accessories that the manufacturer will not accept back. These inventories of such items can be pulled from corporate stores on a consignment basis at no cost to Telus corporate. You never know there could be people out there looking for an elusive LG keybo or a screen protector for a Galaxy rugby. 


This would keep more e-waste out of landfills,give customers a deal and make Telus even more environmentally conscious. This can also be applied to devices that are returned in the 14 day period that there could be just one or two of and not worth creating a preowned post. I know that big box Best Buy Canada does it with much success.


Tell me what you think everyone. Thanks 

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @Tgreencorn ,


This looks like an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing it. I sent it to our Corporate Social Responsibility team for review. When I get an update I will let you know!


Thanks for sharing!


Take care,