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Please bring an Optik TV app to the apple tv app store. The optik on the go app would be excellent to start, but a dedicated full apple tv os app would be even better. Offering an apple tv as a gift would be great then clients could get an apple tv and use it as a wireless STB.

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Community Power User

You are aware Telus offers wireless set top boxes already with Optik?



This would be why this is in the "ideas" section... The point is to get ideas for enhancement/new features that customers want beyond what the current options are. Let's not shame or belittle any new idea being submitted.


I would also love to have an optik tv app for the apple tv. I much prefer using apple TV and its remote than the telus set top box. 

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In my opinion this is the future for cable companies.  Already happening in the USA with single sign-on and tvOS.  I have no problem paying telus for the channels if they offer more ways to access all the content, not just their STB's.  Even a limited set of channels in a dedicated tvOS 'Optik on the go' app would be a start!