Allow a simplified mobile Voice Mail greeting


Leaving a message for a TELUS mobility client can be a lesson in patience; besides the greeting, you have to listen to a machine explain how voice mail works (we get it Smiley Tongue).


It'd be nice if, in addition to the option of allowing you to have a greeting or just your name, you could also disable the long-form explanation of how to leave a voice mail and only have your voice greeting and the beep (like pretty much any other voice mail service).


Thank you for your consideration!

Status: Requires Evaluation

I hate having the voice saying the instructions, It makes the greeting way too long! Everybody knows how to leave a message.


Great idea. The current greetings are too long. People know the beep means leave  a message. Let's move out of the 80's and into 2014. 

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @ste7enm 


Thanks so much for the Idea! This is a really great piece of feedback. I've submitted it to our product team and we will see what we can do to implement. Once I hear more, I will follow up.




Status changed to: Requires Evaluation

I've still got my fingers crossed on this one... let's escape the 90s!