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Status: Closed

1st:  Bringing down the cost of mobility services as to that they are rather expensive. (i.e., premium smartphone + minimum data - *$75) *considering the $50 rate + 500 Mb.

2nd:  Lowering the cost of Unlocking handsets from $35 to $25.

3rd:  More affordable subsidizing on phones for contracts.

4th:  For new activation and/or *renewals (*contract) the ability to receive (one) 1st month free (excludes overages, add-ons, features and/or extra charges).

5th:  As a valued subscriber, upon being under a contract, if renewed, providing a $5 discount or credit to the account lowering the cost by $5 for the remainder of the renewed contract for the duration applicable. (i.e., the first 2 yrs is $50, the second 2 yrs is $45, the third 2 yrs is $40 & so forth).

& lastly,

6th: The flexibility to create & customize your own plans/features/add-ons...

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