Add a Metal music channel to Stingray


Stingray badly needs a metal music channel or two.  I had 2 with Cox cable in Tulsa, OK and they were excellent.  I miss them now I am back in BC.


I can't recall who the music provider was, it wasn't Stingray.  I contacted Stingray and they said it is up to Telus what they provide.


There are like 2 Filipino and Arab and whatever else and that is great but can we please have a metal music channel.






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You are best to contact Stingray and make the request. As they're the company that supplies the stations. You can reach them here.

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TELUS Employee

Hi maddog78,


I did some research on Stingray, and I found that they offer SEVERAL medal music channels on their website and mobile app. All you have to do is first download their app and get set up (they have a pretty cool register process where you can set up your app using your phone to listen to ANY Stingray Music channels on Optik TV!).


Then you can either search "metal" in the search bar or listen online on Stingray using their web player.


Hope this helps!



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