Add QoS controls on bandwidth

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Due to the way OptikTV works with the VDSL connection, a fixed amount of bandwidth is required to watch HD and SD broadcasts. Unfortunately certain activity by either the OptikTV box or the customer premises equipment will overwhelm either the upload or download bandwidth or both. In particular, uploading video to Youtube, or live-streaming content may result in all equipment attached to the VDSL modem to lose connectivity with the internet.

How Telus could rectify this (without encouraging the customer to buy yet another piece of kit)

Option A) Put QoS controls into the VDSL modem+gateway, and manually allow the end-user to toggle them based on the destination (eg youtube)

Option B) Put QoS controls into the Telus account management which pushes the QoS rules to the VDSL modem based on the device.


Device_Name (MACADDRESS): currently consumes a maximum of Xkbits upstream and Xkbits downstream internet bandwidth. [Override Maximum|Ignore Maximum] to [0-100%|256Kbit-Linerate] Upstream and [0-100%|256Kbit-Linerate] Downstream. [Reserved minimum|Ignore Minimum] to [0-100%|256Kbit-Linerate] Upstream and [0-100%|256Kbit-Linerate] Downstream.

Unknown/guest devices will be set to a maximum of [5-100%|256Kbit-Linerate] Upstream and [5-100%|256Kbit-Linerate] Downstream

Option C) Have the QoS by default automatically throttle upload/download to 95% of provisioned bandwidth, including OptikTV devices. Allow the user to bypass QoS for specific protocols (eg RTMP (twitch/livestream/youtube live), SIP, skype/teamspeak/etc.

Status: New Idea