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Mezzo Live HD is now available in Canada but it isn't out in western Canada yet.  I would love to have this specialty channel.  Even though it is French, it would be a fantastic cross-language cultural/music channel that doesn't have an equivalent in North America.  Classical live concerts, documentaries, interviews, something that barely exists in all of Canada (not even on radio).  The only thing that comes close to it is BBC Radio 3.  Some of Mezzo's stuff is on YouTube and I watch it there.

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Mezzo Live in HD would get me to switch to Telus for sure. I'm also keen on Stingray Brava, which was just approved for carriage in Canada by the CRTC. 

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Absolutely . . .

I don't have Telus TV right now, but I'd seriously consider taking it, just for Mezzo.  Looking at Mezzo programming, this is a remarkable departure from the usual offerings on TV.


Mezzo can't come soon enough.  The Stingray Brava is available on Telus but the programming hasn't really changed in more than 4 months - same selections repeating over and over and over.


I am disappointed that Stingray Brava does not have subtitles on the opera telecasts, and that there is a relatively small selection with endless repeats. 


Bell TV in the east has included Mezzo Live in HD for quite some time. I keep hoping that TELUS will add this service soon. Mezzo Live in HD is carried in a large number of countries. Why not in Western Canada?


I meant to comment on the lack of subtitles for the operas on Stingray Classica, not Stingray Brava. However, it is the same problem on both. 


I’ve since been in touch with Stingray Classica and my contact was surprised to learn we aren’t seeing subtitles. They claim it is because of a feature Telus hasn’t made available for subtitles. I don’t know what to think!  I just hope we get them. Some of the obscure operas are impossible to follow and good luck finding a synopsis or libretto on the Internet.