Accessible TV Experience for the Visually Impaired

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Comcast in the US has designed a new TV box and software which provides spoken feedback for their blind and visually impaired customers to browse the TV guide, change settings on the box, schedule shows to be recorded, know which recorded show they're watching, etc. Combined with televisions from Panasonic that have similar speech for changing settings on the television itself, blind people in the US are able to do everything someone who can read the screen is able to do. I would love to see Telus introduce a similar system to Optic TV so that blind people like myself can take advantage of all the features our TV packages come with.

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I am totally blind & would like a way to access the pvr & stand alone digital boxes with Telus Optik Tv too. If it can't be done I was wondering if I bought an apple tv with voiceover could it be used to access what ones get on the set-top box, like the settings, menus & tv guide also? I use a screenreader to use the internet.

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Based on my experience with the Apple TV, it would provide voice-over for data moving through it, but not from other devices, or the content on the TV itself.