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Status: Closed
I cannot make any changes to my account online because I'm on a loyalty plan. I have to call in to add or change anything.

Please clarify... do you want to change loyalty plans? (And if so why????) or do you want to change FEATURES associated with your current plan? (Which you can already do fyi....).


Loyalty plans are offered based on your account history and are customized to you, thats why you have to call in to get them or change them. Now, if you want to change your voicemail password or calling features etc, you should be able to through my account classic. I don't see why they would restrict making online changes to loyalty plans unless you are on some really customized plan they cant integrate with the online system.

Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@PoCoGuyThank you for sharing your idea with us. 

Loyalty plans are offered based on your account history with TELUS, and are avaiable on a per case basis. These plans are not available to new clients, making them only available through our loyalty team.

You do have the ability to reset voicemail passwords and change any features to our current in market prices.