A new app for Optik TV


Wouid it be great to add Amazon prime video to our Optik apps

Status: Under Review
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That would great. Have all out favourite apps on 1 box. 


If they had an Optik version of Pik TV, we could download apps from Google Play. 

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Community Power User

Not many apps are available for the Android TV platform. That includes Crave TV, Amazon Prime and many others. Only a tiny fraction of the apps on the Play store are compatible with Android TV and most developers don't seem interested in developing a TV platform app.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @leg0las


Sorry about the late reply. It's a good idea. They've got a lot of good content.


I've passed it on to our programming team to consider.



Thanks Smiley Happy

Status changed to: Under Review
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Having the Prime video app would open a lot of other video content such as Britbox TV.  Please add ASAP.  Please advise status of request.

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I would really like to be able to subscribe to, and stream, Britbox TV through Optik TV.

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Brit box would have to code for the platform.  Not sure the demand would be there for them to justify the cost.


Generally it’s ios, android and roku. 




Can you please provide an update? Have the changes been made? 

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Amazon still hasn't changed their tune on allowing Prime Video on standard TV set top boxes. Until they do that app won't be available.