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We are excited to announce the launch of TELUS Home Assistant with Amazon Alexa on Optik TV. This means that you can control your Optik TV, hands-free with voice control using both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Now all Optik TV customers can use any Amazon Echo device to control their entertainment experience with the simple sound of their voice. 


Getting Started on TELUS Home Assistant with Amazon Alexa


To use the TELUS Home Assistant action for Optik TV, you need an Amazon Echo enabled device or you can download the Amazon Alexa app for free on your phone or tablet (visit this page to view the devices currently supported). Customers will need to pair their Amazon supported device to the TELUS Home Assistant action to use the capabilities. Step by step instructions can be found here.



Commands for Optik TV 


Optik TV customers will be able to use their voice to now use features such as: changing the channel, launching Netflix, or searching for their favourite shows.


Try out some of our most popular commands: 


“Hey Alexa, turn up the volume on living room TV”


“Hey Alexa, change the channel to HGTV on living room TV”


“Alexa, show me Tom Cruise movies on living room TV”


For the full list of commands, see here.




If you are experiencing any issues or need support, visit our support pages that have lots of information to assist you further. 


Stay Tuned 


TELUS Home Assistant will continue to grow and evolve over time! We will continue to add more information, capabilities, and support. Keep an eye out for more posts. 


Check Out Our Hands-free Google Capabilities 

Check out our Optik Hands-free experience with Google Assistant 

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Telus home assistant skill not available on the Alexa app 


I can't find it either. My Telus rep was able to find it. I tried two devices with no luck.


To those of you unable to find the skill on the Alexa app. You may want to check if your Amazon account Country/Region settings are switched to Canada. It's possible that it is set to US. - Just go to Your Account settings, then Manage your Content and Devices, click the Preferences tab, and set your Country/Region settings to Canada. The skill should now hopefully appear in the app after a restart/login.


Thanks CCH3900. I had to contact Amazon because I couldn't change the country/region on my account. Something on their end had to be adjusted.


Problem solved. Everything is working g as it should.

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I can’t find Telus home assistant by searching under Skills and Games in Alexa app. Search yields 10,161 results, none of which is the Telus skill. I’m in BC Canada and my Amazon account Country/Region is set to Canada. What should I do?


DonS01 I am in BC as well. I had to call the help line for Alexa. They told me something was wrong on their end and it was showing me as region USA. It took them an hour to change it to region Canada. On my app it showed  region Canada. Strange, but when they adjusted it I found the skill right away. Prior to that I was having the same experience as you. It would show 10k results. Once fixed it brings up around 2k. Call them to help with it.

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ML1 Your advice worked perfectly. Called Alexa help line. They answered within seconds. Told me to uninstall and reinstall Alexa app. Searched again for the Telus Home Assistant skill. It came up at the top of the list. I followed the rest of Telus’s instructions. The voice controls work exactly as advertised. Thank you very much for you help.


DonS01. Happy if worked out. CCH3900 saved the day:)

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When can we expect to see integration with Google? Not all smart homes are driven by Amazon

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