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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Want to skip through channels you don’t subscribe to? Got a news junkie in your home? Want to just see the kids’ favourite channels? With Optik, you’re in control of what’s on the guide.


See only the channels you subscribe to.


  1. Hit options on your remote
  2. Scroll down to Favourites List then press OK
  3. Choose Subscribed Channels and hit OK

Set up a list of just your favourite channels.


  1. Press the options button on your remote
  2. Scroll to Edit Favourites and press OK
  3. Go to Set up… and hit OK
  4. Go through the list and check the boxes of the channels you want
  5. Hit Save when complete


Create multiple favourite lists for all members of the family. Later on, if you’re watching a channel that you like, just hit options on your remote and Add to Favourites and it’s now part of your list!


Try Live TV Filters to see specific types of shows, like what science programs or game shows are on right now. You can even have your Optik guide show you all the kid shows that are playing.


  1. Press options on your remote
  2. Go to Live TV Filters and hit the remote OK button
  3. Choose from categories like:


- Educational

- Kids

- Movies

- Sports

- News



Make the Optik TV Guide your own and check out TELUS Optik TV Support for more cool stuff.

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Just Moved In

I can't see some of my subscribed channels in the guide. I have it in my favorites as well. Even when I select "all channels" Treehouse doesn't show up. Anyone had this problem?

Just Moved In

I can only get some of my channels by pressing the number of the channel. I try push the up or down and it just skips the channels even tho I'm subscribed to them. 

Community Power User
Community Power User


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