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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hey everyone, we have some exciting news! We're dedicated to continuously improving your Pik TV experience. From July 16th to 26th, your Pik TV Media Box will be automatically updated with an improved experience that includes two changes: 


  1. The Media Box operating system will be upgraded from Android Nougat to Android Pie
  2. The Pik TV app will be replaced with a new version that features faster loading, improved navigation and a modernized user interface


After the update, you’ll need to sign back in with your My TELUS username and password to get started. Forgot your My TELUS login? Visit to reset.


Don’t want to wait for the update? You can download the new version manually by performing the following steps: 


  1. Go to Settings (Home > Settings [top right of screen]) press OK
  2. Locate the System update (> About > System Update > Check for Update)
  3. Press OK and the upgrade will proceed


We hope you enjoy the new and improved Pik TV Media Box experience!


For more details on Pik TV, please visit the Pik TV website


For additional support, please visit the dedicated Pik TV support articles


Have a question about Pik TV and can’t find the answer? Pose your question in our Pik TV forum!

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Just Moved In

Does anyone know if we can roll back the upgrade? My box updated automatically and the new interface is HIDEOUS!! It takes about ten button presses to get anywhere now. I can’t scroll down any pages in the guide but can only go one channel at a time. I can’t go back to the previous channel I was watching. The back/exit button is now totally useless. Loading channels from the guide now takes more time. Nothing previews any more. I want to go back to the old system! Thinking of cancelling my account just because this upgrade is so frustrating to deal with.

Just Moved In

Found many of the reported problems "Prev", "Guide' overlay etc disappeared after I upgraded the Remote Firmware (following instructions above) and then doing a Reboot. 

Just Moved In

I HATE the new interface! It’s completely useless and makes everything take longer! I can’t stand that I now have to scroll channels one by one, if I’ve been watching a channel for awhile, when I go back to the guide it doesn’t update to the current time and I can’t scroll channels so I have to go to Live TV then back to guide which takes awhile to load again. It also randomly goes to the Pik TV home screen when I’m watching tv. This is just a few new things that erk me to no end! Put it back to the way it was, there was nothing wrong with it!

Community Power User
Community Power User

@MissInked Quick tip: You can scroll through the guide quickly by pressing and holding the up or down arrow on the remote.



   Any Idea, when Pik TV box will get Android 10 update, which was released in Dec 2019? 


Thanks !!

Community Power User
Community Power User

@souravsahaYou already asked that question and an answer was given under your original post.


How can I upgrade my PikTV box?


I followed these steps and it didnt give me an option to upgrade to android 9. It still has the March version. 


I recently got my brother on PikTV and he has the exact same model# Android box HMB2213PW22TS. He recently got Pik so it maybe came with it installed.


My PikTV box is from years ago but same model. 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @hernandez87v 


Hopefully, one of the below tips solve the problem, but if not, you may need to connect with our troubleshooting department (apologies if the below are obvious to you):


1. Make sure you're logged in on the Google Play Store with your google account.

2. Turn on automatic updates in the Play Store (this is more to help with app updates than OS updates)

3. Look for the upgrade in your Android TV settings, not your Pik TV settings

4. Try rebooting the box.


I'm waiting for the New Android TV Home 3.0 with Discover and Watchlist tabs. Hopefully it will come with the next security update which hasn't been updated since April.

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