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Getting the new Optik TV app onto your device

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The new Optik TV app is here! Here is what you need to do to get it installed. 


If you already have Optik on the Go installed

  • On your device, update Optik on the Go , the update will automatically migrate to the new app.


If you never installed Optik On The Go app

  • Look for Optik TV app in the Apple App store or Google Play store.


Once the app is updated or downloaded, login will be required. With the new Optik TV app, you can login using My Account or Optik TV login info.


Traditionally, My Account is only for viewing your account/billing info online on telus.com. You can now use this same set of logins to access Optik TV app. For new customers, this is where you register.


If you need to share Optik TV access with others in your household and you want to keep your billing information private, you have the option to share your Optik TV account username and password, as it will only offer access to Optik TV app, keeping your billing info secure when you share. For new customers, this is how you set it up.


Note: After setting up Optik TV account, you still have the option to use My Account login info. The choice is yours.


Existing customers, please use your current My Account or Optik TV login info. You do not need to create new accounts.


Click here for the full Optik TV app support page. 


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