Super excited to kick off the discussion of all things Xbox! I've been on Team Xbox since upgrading from my SNES back when I was a youngin', and haven't looked back. Always been a fan of the exclusive titles like Gears and Halo, but I'm also big in to the smaller indie games here and there as well. Cuphead FTW!


Anyone else pumped for the possible next-gen console announcements at E3 this summer? I'm gonna finally make the jump from my Xbox One S so I can play Gears 5 as it's meant to be played lol.


Who else is Team Xbox?



I’ll stick with my Xbox One for now but who knows....
Still need to start Assassins Creed Origins lol
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Same. I've been on XBOX since day one, so looking forward to seeing what's planned for the next gen but sticking to my S for now.


anyone have purefibre? how is it with xbox gaming


Wow, talk about a killer briefing. I don't even know where to begin, I'm so pumped.


- Cyberpunk 2077 finally out in April, with Keanu freakin' Reeves?

- Game Pass Ultimate is a STEAL, and actually cheaper than a regular Game Pass subscription + Xbox Live subscription on a monthly basis. Can't beat that.

- Halo Infinite launching with the new Project Scarlett console next Christmas?


Just too many things to list...

What would the next Gen xbox need to support 8K @ 120hz ref from purefibre... Currently 4K 60hz needs min 35mbps aka googles new game steaming device.. FYi my moms still on old discontinued purefibre internet 50..55/55 is what she gets. So also netflix min of 15mbps min for I think 1080p. She won't have much leg room. Lol. FYi she doesn't have xbox or want one. Just thinkin of people on copper wire from Telus. Current availability on copper at my dad where I am usually is 75.
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Community Power User

Again you are worried about technology that is many many years away. 8K TVs are barely even on the market and they are insanely expensive. There is no 8K content out there. There's barely any 4K content as most channels are still 720p/1080p. An Xbox would need a far more expensive graphics card that would likely double the price of the Xbox to even approach 8K at decent frame rates. Seeing as how there is zero market for 8K anything right now, don't count on seeing a console that'll support it any time soon. 4K games already have huge file sizes. 8K would be worse. Any professional gamer out there isn't gaming at 4K resolution. The hardcore ones are on 1080p.

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Been pretty impressed with my upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate so far. The first month for $1 was amazing enough, but not paying anything until my XBL year is up in Feb, and then getting everything at a discounted combo price is awesome. And who doesn't love brand new games coming out at launch with early access?


Some great announcements from today's Xbox presentation at Gamescom in Germany! A ton of new Xbox Game Pass titles (including new survival horror Blair Witch on day of its release Aug 30? yes please.)


Things are ramping up as we move in to the fall. Gears 5 and Borderlands 3 in a few weeks!