Mobile Gaming


Anyone still playing Pokemon Go? Last article I read, Nintendo has Pokemon Go to thank for tossing another 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS in to their coffers. Wow.


Mobile gaming is in the news a lot lately. I read recently that Nintendo going forward is asking its devs to tone down the microtransactions in their games going forward...I'm sure microtransactions are everyone's favorite thing in the world when it comes to games lol.


Anyone rocking any sweet new mobile games?


Huge announcement yesterday with Apple Arcade being released this fall. Over 30 exclusive games playable on your phone for a monthly subscription fee.


I'm intrigued, though worried how it'll work...some of the games they showed at the event looked pretty massive. We're talking AAA level assets and graphics, they must be huge. Will anyone really wanna have 2/3 of their phone's storage space eaten up by a few games?


I gave up on Pokemon Go a long time ago, it was nice at first but the cold weather here in Mtl was the reason why I stopped playing it. It was also becoming redundant in my opinion. The only mobile game I'm playing now is Star Wars, galaxy of heroes so looking forward to a new fun game to try!


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