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telus double charge my business bill for year and half

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our business had two internet services before last March, we canceled one and keep another one, telus has been charging me both since then even there's record showing the cancelation record.
I made hundred calls for the correction and every time I was told it's done no more doubt charge, when new bill arrives still same. I am very tired of this and finally a girl technician help me "resolved" August , my new bill showed some credit much less than the over charged amount but I was happy. this Monday I log in to my account there's more than 2000 overdue with a reason of used at the past.

anybody can help me with some good ideas how to deal with this? I am totall done with telus after 15 years, but I still need to waste tons of time on this bill that popped up from nowhere

Community Manager
Community Manager

@uniwaycomputer Yikes. I couldn't say what is happening without more details but can I trouble you to connect with our social media support team so that we can look into (and escalate) the issue? Please reference this post by you when you connect wtih them.




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I will try to, thanks for the attention anyway. One of your agent called me already, every time your agent called me they always understand what is the issue right away, but it's just never be fixed, I hope this time it will, I will update once there's anything happen.