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I don't understand why if we are customers of Telus for decades why Telus tries to charge us for our loyalty? I have had a landline for decades and when the telemarketers took over my complete phone service I questioned why I still had a landline.All I was paying for was the telemarketers calls. Now Telus is charging me an extra fee so I can see who is calling me, and for some strange reason Telus has a better team controlling the telemarketers. In other words I pay more for my phone and now I don't have the original problem that I am paying extra for and there is no way for me to got back to the original pricing with Telus. So how do I get the same pricing I had a few monthes ago for the same service that I signed up for originally?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus has always charged a fee for Call Display. I remember them charging that same fee many many years ago. As for Telemarketers, they are quite easy to get rid of if you can get a human on the line when they call you. All you have to say is "This is a business, not a residence" and they stop calling. I did that and I'm lucky if I get one a month now. If it's Telus calling you, they can take you off their list only.


Prices for services change. You'll find the vast majority of companies out there do NOT have any kind of loyalty discount. Don't expect to get previous prices back. I'd love to get the prices I previously paid back but I know it isn't going to happen. You could try negotiating with the Loyalty & Retention guys, but you'd have to be nice to them to get the best result if one is possible.

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