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emails aborted on sending

Just Moved In

I have a client who I have been emailing for years. They contunue to be able to send me emails and I receive them. But if I respond or even iniatate a fresh email to them - I get an error message that the email was 'aborted after X number of seconds' and it goes nowhere. I have tried sending right from the Telus server page - same problem. This sitution just mysteriously happened.

Anyone in that office with the same file extension @blah the real address) is a no go.







the problem does sound mysterious 🙂 like an episode from the x-files!

question, if you send an email to that [email protected], do you get the same bounce back? isolating the situation is usually the first thing to do (is it a sender that can't locate this domain name? or the other way around?)

if you get a bounceback from your personal gmail for example, the problem likely resides on the email hosting company of your friend. 


let us know of the outcome of the above test!