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Resolved! Telus app

Does someone know how to report an issue on the network experience app?

Resolved! Email Sending Problem

I've got no problem sending out email when I'm at work. But as soon as I step outside our work wifi network range it fails to send any email. So frustrating, as colleagues of mine with the same type of email and using the same phone can send email wh...

Resolved! This isn't fair!

I am quite disappointed right now, both my husband and I have iPhones and he just showed me how to use the hotspot on it, but my phone doesn't have the option in the settings??? Its the exact same phone but his is with Bell. Does anyone know how I ca...

Resolved! Data transfer

Our company's contract for our mobiles are about to end. We are really excited to get our 9 iphone 3gs upgraded, we will probably go with the new Iphone 5s which just came out. The data stored in our phone, especially pics and contacts are extremely ...

Resolved! Why wont my phone work

I got home from Jamaica over an hour ago and my iPhone is still sitting at no service, is anyone else having same problems in Toronto, or did they somehow zap my phone because I didn't have it in airplane mode?

Resolved! Roaming nightmare !

Last time I left Canada for a business trip I ended up with no service. I couldn't receive or make calls nor use the internet out of my device. This made the trip considerably stressful. I'm gonna have to leave for the US again soon for a couple of d...

Resolved! Roaming Help!

Im in Florida at the moment and everything is working but the internet on my phone. Does anyone know how I can fix it? I need to get my work emails ASAP and I don't have access on my laptop!!!