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Security Bundle rebate rip off

Just Moved In

About a month ago a Telus representative came into my store offering the Telus security bundle. Get my 2 lan lines, business internet and security system at a better price than everything separate. Only catch is I have a contract with another security company. While the rep was standing in front of me I called my current company and $500 is the cost to buy out the contract. This rep said Telus is offering up to a $500 rebate to buy out existing contract if I sign the Telus contract. So I asked this rep if Telus will pay this $500 to the security company to cancel the contract. He said "Yes" and I gave him a copy of the contract, and contact information. I asked twice if Telus is taking care of this $500 buyout, Telus rep said again Yes. Telus guy said he has to fill out paperwork and I can review and sign online. So I said Ok, let move ahead. Paperwork comes in, gets signed I ask about rebate, get told will be coming. Everything gets installed and I get no info on the rebate. So I contact Telus. Turns out the rebate is a $500 credit on the Telus bill. NOT $ to directly buy out a contract. The Telus Rep LIED to my face and he called me as well and I told him he lied. He said misunderstanding. Yeah. No, I asked 2 times. So, now I have to take $500 of my money to cancel the other contract.  Beware of this rip off, not worth it. Screw You guys!!!


Rebates are common purchase incentives. It's offered for many products and I've received many rebates over the years. Not once have I ever received a cash rebate on anything prior to paying for the product.

As a matter of fact if you look up the definition of the word rebate it means a partial refund of money you paid. You have to pay first to get a rebate.