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How do I reduce my mobile data usage?


With so much fasinating content on the internet it can be hard to your phone down. No worries, we have a few tips to help keep your data usage low and your inbox full. Our friendly tech expert, Marc Saltzman, has put together ten tips to reduce your data usage, which will surely help your friends, family, and employees keep their data usage in check. Check out Marc's blog post here:


If you have any mobile blog topics and tips you're craving, let us know in the comments section of Marc's weekly blogs. 


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Some additional thoughts...

  • use a VPN on public wifi.... NOT while on mobile data
  • get to know airplane mode or turning your phone off.  If you are sleeping or working... how often do you want your phone to continously ping your email servers "do I have mail?"
  • location services consume data, pay attention to applications that are using location services
  • do you really need that LTE speed?  I limit my phone to HSPA+ or 3G.  The slower speed limits tells some websites to go to low bandwidth for speed, instead of quality
  • look for mobile sites, instead of full desktop sites
  • you can compose your emails.... but wait until you have wifi to send
  • in areas of weak or slow wifi... watching videos can mean you are running on mobile data.  disable mobile data to ensure you are on wifi
  • roaming data is painful..... slow free wifi is just as bad... consider having your phone unlocked for a foreign sim
  • Old Blackberries had data compression.... new BB10 phones do NOT.


The guys over at Opera Software, have made an app called Opera Max! It uses a unique compression algorithm to compress your data, and to extend the life of your data plan!! Get it now :