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HELP! Telus taking automatic payment form bank but not applying to our Telus accounts

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Telus has automatically withdrawn over $2,000 form our account and not applied them to our accounts. I have been asking for help since September 2020 and have spent hours and hours on the phone and sent countless emails to agents with proof of the payments and still no resolution. TELUS even disconnected our services during this investigation even though our account balance is much less than $2000 thy have already taken and put to someone else's account. An agent even said it went to our home service, we do not have Telus home service! I am in treatment for breast cancer and the frustration over the horrible handling of this case and the worry that our service will be cut off again and more sales lost is more stress than I can stand right now. I have escalated the issue many times and still get nowhere. My sister worked for Telus for 20 pus years until they downsized and sent so may jobs overseas, Since then the customer service has been the worst of all service providers we deal with. 


We need this issue resolved and the total of the missing payments $2,336.54 applied to our Telus accounts immediately. 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hello, I'm sorry to hear that this is still an on-going issue without a resolution at the moment. I'll be glad to help you get in contact with one of our representatives who can assist further on this matter.


Please send me a private message with your business name and contact information, and I'll have someone get in touch.

case number I have not had a reply re this case number in weeks so I filled out the escalation form again yesterday and it assigned number 


in September 2020 I contacted Telus to ask where the 2 payments, $28 and $43.84 being automatically withdrawn from our business TD bank account by TELUS COMM were being applied because none are shown on our Telus business phone/internet/fax line account or on our Telus security account. We have 2 account numbers and . No Telus Mobility. No home Telus.

We used to be Alarm Force customers until July 2018 when Telus took over Alarm Force. That is when the two payments that used to show on statements as going to Alarm Force changed to being taken out by TELUS COMM. We did not sign any new payment agreements and we weren't given any new account numbers. I have already sent copies of our bank statements to several different Telus agents several times since September showing the months when it changed from Alarm Force to Telus and that it is still happening every month up to March 2021 that is $28 + $43.84 X 31 months that is $2,227 taken from our account by Telus and not applied to our Telus accounts . Our bank says they cannot see the Telus account numbers where Telus is applying the money only that Telus is taking it out. I have spent countless hours on the phone with different agents and STILL no resolution. We have even had services disconnected for several days despite being told by an agent that this would not happen while investigation is in progress. We lost more than $3,000 in sales before it was reconnected. We are trying to keep our business going during this pandemic and the already usually slow winter and having our communication service disrupted as well as the stress of dealing with so many different agents, repeating the story over and over emailing the same bank statements and information over and over to different agents and STILL not having a proper solution is extremely time and energy draining, particularly while I am battling breast cancer as well. Not hearing back from Telus agents and wondering every day if we will lose service again and have to start all over again with a NEW agent, like we are doing here, is absolutely horrible. 

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had a negative experience with your services/billing. Please send me a private message so that I can gather your information and make sure it's escalated to the right team.