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Getting Internet Lines

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Hello everyone and I’m wondering about getting a internet line to our business. It’s in a bit of remote location but it is right off of the #2 highway so there is telephones poles that run along our business. Telus said they won’t have a fibre run until next year and our office will be expanding from 40 employees to 100 in a few weeks. Not to mention there is another truck shop business beside us that could use better internet.

Is this a matter of Telus’s own pace or a high demand?

We currently fork out $1000 month for a radio shot for 2 up, 20 down. As the businesses IT representative I’m pleading for help for faster internet speeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Power User

@DXGT1 wrote:

Is this a matter of Telus’s own pace or a high demand?

Both. Telus would be adding Fibre to high value locations where they can most easily negotiate right-of-way access to utility corridors. Even in locations where the fibre passes the driveway, does not mean fibre will come to the homes and businesses along that path - there has to be locations to install the fibre infrastructure from the main fibre to the subsidiary fibres. In some places where main cross-Canada fibre is strung, homeowners still get 6Mbps service, as there is no Fibre infrastructure to these scattered houses.



You might see if a point to point network of some sort might meet your needs

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Telus sells 2 forms of fibre for business.

Call back and ask about managed fibre.


You will likely get a different answer (and a much different price)