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Cut my connection of on a Friday without warning

Just Moved In

I was a business customer with Telus until last Friday, when they cut me off without a warning of any kind.


Turned out it was a payment issue.


I pay ALL my bills I agreed to. After looking at my bills on Friday, I suddenly realized that they simply stopped sending me paper bills as of last May. After May - no email bills, no phone calls, no attempts to reach me via website, no registered mail, no nothing. A Friday cut off, thank you very much.


I do my things online - supporting customers, selling things, etc. I had to invoke emergency protocols to get an alternative connection, which cost me time and money (as in lost business during a weekend).


Tried to call them and negotiate a compromise today - no luck here at all. Therefore leaving for another provider.


Good bye Telus. And fix your billing system, which is not working (for me and probably others). How do you expect to receive payments when customers are not aware of them?