can someone evaluate my usage


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I have 4 phones and 1 has 6 GB of data and the others have 1 GB of data.  The other phone goes over limit on data nearly every month and sometimes we don't even get an alert.  Is there someone that can review our phone usage and evaluate if there is a better plan combo we can be using, perhaps the share plan or just pay extra for more data on another phone, or can I move my 6 GB of data to one of the other phones on the plan.  

Inquire with one of the Client Care reps by dialing *611 or 1-866-558-2273 to know what're the plans available or not available in the market that would be suitable for you or your line.
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Hey there MLDAENSK!


Due to privacy reasons we cannot discuss specifics about your account on a public forum such as this, so I do recommend to call and speak to our Client Care team by dialing *611 from your device or 1-866-558-2273 from any other phone so that they can accommodate with a plan that best suits your needs.


If you also need more usage regarding your data usage, feel free to visit your Mobile Account on and click on the Your Account tab on the top to see which days are being used more than the others in order to help you understand and monitor the usage on that phone.


We look forward to your call! Smiley Happy